Club “Wärmespender / Kiosko Calypso” – hot punch meets cocktails / Vienna

Across from Karlskirche there’s a new „in“ club.

Karlsplatz and Resselpark even more have been fighting for a long time with their image as Vienna’s drug central. An Eiswürfel („ice cube“) has just broken the cliché: across from Karlskirche there’s a new „in“ club, and it’s not only for the Austrian actors’ scene. In winter under the name Wärmespender you can enjoy unusual punch creations and delicious catering from the „Schwarzen Kameel“, „Österreicher“, and more, in summer you can create a carribean workout at „Kiosko Calypso“. Home-made Erdapfelkas (a sort of potato and sour cream spread) and cocktails – a lovely combination with DJ music. Incidently: all proceeds go to the LEFÖ.


Wärmespender / Kiosko Calypso
Karlsplatz am Teich
1010 Vienna