“Cinema Talks” / Graz 2019

27. – 18.09.2019; Graz.
Have you heard? Graz has a new international film festival!

The Cinema Talks Filmfestival at Schubertkino Graz starts its first round with over 40 national and international films and creates talks between invited speakers, filmmakers and the audience about films and filmmaking.

The programme is divided into four categories: Entertainment, Innovation, Social and Inspiration.

In category Entertainment (see video above) there are two blocks. “Entertainment – Wie das Leben so spielt” and “Entertainment – Out of hand”, with Enrico Jakob, screenwriter and director of the Styrian film funding agency CINESTYRIA, talking about storytelling (on 27 September at 9 pm).

The category Social shows films that reappraise our society and look at it from a critical point of view.

Also here there are two blocks: “Social 1 – Outsider” and “Social 2 – A look inside”. In “Social – A look inside” Dr. Felice Gallé, one of the directors of the  Frauengesundheitszentrums Women’s Health Centre Graz, talks about “The disempowerment of midwives, women’s rights and how we still fight for them today”.

On September 28th at 18:30 in the block “Inspiration – Enough reasons to be happy” Renate Duschnig from LebensVision (life vision) talks  about how to become happy and how creativity and happiness are connected with each other.

In the category Innovation: “innovation – less is more” 7 international films will be shown.

The festival will be hosted by Martha Schnuderl and Alice Trost. The jury consists of Angela Christlieb, Nikolaus Leytner, Nicola von Leffern.

To whom do we owe this new international Graz Film Festival? The young core team of the festival consists of the filmmakers Jonathan Steininger, Natalie Pinter and Zoe Borzi, former students of the Ortweinschule: Film und MultimediaArt, Graz, together with Ines Handler and Lukas Diemling.

Here you see: Ines Handler, Zoe Borzi, Natalie Pinter. Photo: © Manuel Hanschitz.

Dive in and enjoy!

Cinema Talks
27. – 18.09.2019
Mehlplatz 2
8010 Graz

Programme: www.cinema-talks.com/programm

In the course of Cinema Talks there will be a first insight into the exhibition “PointLessNess” in Hall X/Open Lab at Reininghausstraße 5, 8020 Graz.