Artist-Duo RESANITA: “Ironic City Guerilleras”

Art Project: "Dog Walk"

The artist duo Resa Pernthaller and Anita Fuchs, otherwise known as RESANITA regularly spice up the urban space of Graz with their subtile- humorous contributions. The range of methods they use to explore “semi- public“ spaces seems to be infinite

Their activities span from spontaneously constructed pubs over carefully assorted male “full-cases” (a german expression for idiot) to holes in a billboard, which reveal hidden paradises lying behind. They even strive to explore the most narrow niches in public and semi- public spaces.

Project “Would you like a Little less?”

RESANITA’s artistic campaigns attempt to disrupt the monotony of everyday life in an ironic fashion. They use their activities to conquer and win their own small places
and worlds. They often try to build small shelters in places which lack social protection. The means RESANITA uses to construct these shelters range from street art interventions with piles of pillows to glass houses on stilts, which serve as cover for (upright) one night stands.

In their campaigns RESANITA knowingly blurrs the line between what is public and what is private, at the same time sharpening our awareness of the negligence and indifference with which people treat and use public spaces. During their conquest of public space this duo often uses plants for their strength to grow rampant because for them wild and untamed nature also serves as a methapor for freedom, self- empowerment and reconquest.

In the context of their ironical criticism of civilisation, RESANITA often manages to create atmospheric frameworks that resonate with intimacy and familiarity, where we would otherwise only perceive emotional urban deserts. For this reason they also
once created a specific place for lovesick people, the so- called Ort für Liebeskummer at Graz Murpromenade: as a refuge for broken hearts and a place for people life has not been kind to …