Music festival “Murszene 18” / Graz 2018

SKOLKA: Ska und Polka am Mariahilferplatz.

19.07. – 11.08.2018; Graz-Mariahilferplatz.
Music from all around the globe.

For a few weeks Mariahilferplatz turns into a magnificent open-air stage from Thursday to Sunday. International musicians and bands take inspiration from their musical roots to create new sounds and melodies, giving the square a unique vibe. Klezmer meets jazz & funk, Africa takes us on a musical journey, salsa makes our legs dance and lightens up the cultural summer in Graz. Austrian ska- and polka band Skolka also forms part of this cultural conglomerate.

Murszene 18

19.07. – 11.08.2018
8020 Graz