“Rauch A. Thomas” / Villa Falkenhorst Thüringen

24.02. – 25.03.2018; Thüringen.
Simply imagination.

Thomas Rauch presents metal sculptures, assamblages and arcylic as well as oil paintings. He says that it’s his duty as an artist to take up abuses in society and in politics. Together with a bit of humor, Rauch wants to exalt the imagination of the visitors in this way.

He is convinced that imagination is a part and parcel of human being. However, the artist thinks that imagination is threatened by Social Media.

Vernissage: Rauch A. Thomas
24.02. – 25.03.2018
24.02.2018, 19.00 Uhr
Villa Falkenhorst
Flugelin 3
6712 Thüringen