“DonauArt” / Linz

Jessica Dimmock auf den Spuren von Inge Morath in der Landesgalerie Linz.

24.05. – 14.10.2018; Linz.
“Everything flows!” DonauArt at Linz.

The Danube shapes the flow of life in Linz. The large open spaces that can be found in Donaupark and at the river’s left bank in Urfahr are cultural as well as recreational areas.

The Danube has always been a link between Linz and all the other countries and cultures in the Danube area, influencing the city’s economic and cultural development. Largescale culture project “DonauArt” focuses on the 2.800 kilometre long river and explores its cultural influences on Linz and on the geographical and cultural area it connects.

Exhibition project „Donaureise“ at Landesgalerie Linz constructs an image of the Danube area that spans generations. Eight young photographers have set out in the footsteps of Austrian photographer Inge Morath (1923-2002), who documented the Danube area during numerous journeys.

Rainer Brohaska will show his film „Boring River“ on board of saloon ship „Fräulein Florentine“, which has been specifically constructed for this project. The film documents the life of people alongside the Danube.

Ars Electronica Center focuses on the river’s current with two media projects: BLUE is an installation which provides real-time visualizations of the Danube’s flow rate, wave formation and water level. Poyraz Yildirim’s installation.

FLOW lets a thousand small arrows “flow” across Ars Electronica’s Deep Space floor. Their movement or “flow” is influenced by the visitors who enter the room.

Lentos Kunstmuseum will showcase film and media artist Katharina Gruzei’s project “Bodies of Work“. The Linz-based artist’s work documents the construction of a container ship over a period of several months.

Visual artist and aquatic ecologist Christina Gruber will present her work “Be Water My Friend“ at Linz-based “kulturtankstelle“. This piece of art deals with the relationship between human beings and rivers.

Exhibition “Gegen den Strom – Alred Kubin und das Element Wasser“ at Landesgalerie Linz takes visitors on a dream journey into water’s scarier depths. Water plays a central role in many of Kubin’s works. He often explores people’s primal fears of this element’s apocalyptic force and creates worlds of images in which snakes, sea monsters and mermaids build up a suspenseful atmosphere between eroticism and fear.

Mai – Oktober 2018
Donaureise: Auf den Spuren der Inge Morath
24.05. – 02.09.2018
Roman Signer „Grüne Linie“
24.05. – 02.09.2018

Gegen den Strom – Alfred Kubin und das Element Wasser
24.05. – 16.09.2018
Landesgalerie Linz

Höhenrausch „Das andere Ufer“
24.05. – 14.10.2018
OÖ Kulturquatier

Joachim Eckl „Schöpfungsbüro“
01.08 – 07.08.2018
Schöpfungs-Büro / Kapelle

Georg Nussbaumer „Die Sprache des Himmels“

Rainer Prohaska „Boring River Screening & Talk“
Fräulein Florentine, Donauschiff

Ab Mitte Juni bis Oktober
2.800 Kilometer – zehn Länder – ein Fluss
Bis Oktober
Im Rahmen von Deep Space 8K
Ars Electronica Center

Donaukultur-Konferenz „World Heritage“ 2nd Transnational Project
Landesgalerie / Ars Electronica Center / Kunstuniversität Linz

Katharina Gruzei „Bodies of Work“
15.06. – 19.08.2018
Baywatch – episode 1
14. – 19.06.2018
Symposium: space&design strategies
LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz

Christina Gruber „Be Water My Friend“
11. – 16.09.2018
Round Table River Talks & Lecture Performance
Baywatch – episode 2
03. – 14.10.2018