“International Summer Academy for Theatre ” / Graz 2019

04.08.2019 – 24.08.2019; Graz
Do-it-yourself culture. The International Summer Academy for Theatre creates space for experimentation.

Year after year the international summer academy for theatre attracts people to Graz to reinvent themselves or simply to draw strength from creativity. In numerous courses, the Academy depicts the most diverse areas of the performing arts. From dance to acting to singing there is something for everyone.

Interested parties can choose from a range of workshops: From clown and narrative theatre to film acting and musicals. The field of dance is covered by the courses ballet, jazzdance, lindy hop and dance theatre. Singing courses, aerial acrobatics, as well as workshops on speaking, theatre and acting techniques are also offered in the wide repertoire.

In the end, the participants are allowed to present what they have learned to the audience in final performances.

Internationale Sommerakademie für Theater
04.08.2019 – 24.08.2019
BORG Monsbergergasse 16
8010 Graz