“Lisette Model | Diane Arbus | Nan Goldin” / WestLicht Schauplatz für Fotografie, Wien

Lisette Model, Singer at the Metropolitan Cafe, New York City, 1948, copyright Estate of Lisette Model

06.12.2018 – 03.03.2019; Wien.
Model, Arbus, Goldin, three photographers with an eye for the certain moment in humans life.

With the help of Lisette Model, Diane Arbus and Nan Goldin, WestLicht presents three great American photographers whose images have radically expanded the view of human society – the other, the extraordinary, social margins and eccentric personalities. They captured the social life of America, in which the world is still mirrored today as an immigration country, at different stages of the 20th century.

Three generations of interconnected photographers, beginning with Model, who grew up in Vienna, created their own, honest images of a society with their view of the individual. Thus they consistently questioned the norms and specifications of a society with their works and portrayed them equally. And since beauty opens up to the eye of the beholder, its exhibited work can be seen as a tribute to the aesthetics and diversity of our time.

Model | Arbus | Goldin 
06.12.2018 – 03.03.2019
WestLicht Schauplatz für Fotografie
Westbahnstraße 40
1070 Wien