“‘It took me through the pictures..’ KUBIN@NEXTCOMIC” / Landesgalerie Linz

Links: "Daily Painting" von ATAK (Georg Barber). Rechts: "Das Maul" von Alfred Kubin.

13.3. – 25.08.2019; Linz.
Illustrators in conflict between Kubin and traveling.

Travels and art. At NEXTCOMIC festival illustrators explore Alfred Kubin’s art based on his novel “Die andere Seite” (“The Other Side”) and some of his other works. The contemporary artists take up the humoristic, caricatural and grotesque elements present in Alred Kubin’s works, as well as the threatening and monstrous aspects and manage to give new insights into his art.

The exhibition will feature works by ATAK (Georg Barber), Brigitta Falkner, Anke Feuchtenberger, Nicolas Mahler, Thomas Ott, Christina Röckl, Franz Süß, Edda Strobl and Alfred Kubin himself.

“It took me through the pictures …”
Opening: 13.03.2019 | 19.00 clock
Exhibition duration: 14.03. – 25.08.2019
Landesgalerie Linz Museum Street 14
4010 Linz

14. – 23.03.2019
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