“SCHÄXPIR – Theatre Festival” / Theatre Festival for young audiences, Linz

24.06.2019 – 30.06.2019; Linz.
The motto of this year’s theatre festival is “Mulitversum. Everything is real”. And according to this motto, reference is also made to the multidimensional realities that can be experienced beyond everyday life.

Under the title “MULTIVERSE. Everything is real.” the theatre festival plays with the dimensions of time and space and the many parallel realities that currently affect us simultaneously and omnipresently. It invites you to experience and to reflect upon the many multiversal influences with your own senses. A theater festival for today’s young audiences – from grandparents to grandchildren – with drama, dance, performance art, and music theater productions.

Schäxpir – Theatre Festival for young audiences
22.06. – 01.07.2017
Various locations