“Ákos Ezer – Ábstract Hungary” / Künstlerhaus, Graz

29.06.2019 – 05.09.2019; Graz
Hungarian artist Ákos Ezer takes falling men as an image of the fallibility of the individual.

Hungarian painter Ákos Ezer tells of the failure of the individual and society in his works and thus moves thematically close to the present of his homeland. The paintings depict intentionally or slapstick-like falling, mostly male, figures who are caught up in misfortune in everyday situations. A new series of pictures also shows giant portraits with twisted necks.
Ezer’s colourful and figurative compositions make use of an abstract language of form, the fall and dislocation becoming metaphors for clumsiness and fallibility. With a pinch of humour, the artist sharpens the image of the stumbling blocks of private and public life.

Ákos Ezer – Ábstract Hungary
29.06. – 05.09.2019
Burgring 2
8010 Graz