“Montforter Zwischentöne” / Feldkirch 2019

Above the roofs of Feldkirch: music and lyrics in the dawn.

06.06.2019 – 06.07.2019; Feldkirch
Risk, find, search: Montforter Zwischentöne discover new fields.

Morning concerts for breakfast, science talks in the afternoon and a film screening in the evening. Montforter Zwischentöne’s summer programme combines everyday culture with music and gives the idea of festival a new meaning.

Newly interpreted classical music à la carte will be provided by the Swiss ensemble “Crosswinds”, in which the audience will be able to decide on the course of events themselves.

During the festival, the “TU – Temporary University Feldkirch” brings outstanding heads with Felkdircher roots from all over the world to Vorarlberg to talk about their research work.

The Zwischentöne-Open invites you to stroll and discover the old town of Feldkirch. The summer festival for the whole family offers open access to art and culture in an exuberant atmosphere.

Montforter Zwischentöne
discover – risk, find, search
06.06. – 06.07.2019
Various locations

Samples, personalities and background stories on the current programme.
Thursday, 06.06.2019
Gasthof Löwen Tisis

À la carte
Winner Concert of HUGO-Competition 2019
Thursday, 06.06.2019
Gasthof Löwen Tisis

Morning Concert
Music and lyric about finding and searching
Friday, 28.06.2019
Montforthaus Feldkirch

Summer festival for the whole family
Saturday, 29.06.2019
Montforthaus und Altstadt Feldkirch

TU – Temporary University Feldkirch
Sunday, 30.06.2019
Montforthaus Feldkirch

The Martian. Science or Fiction?
Film and Science Talk
Saturday, 06.07.2019
Schwurgerichtssaal des Vorarlberger Landesgerichts