“ani_male” / brut Wien

ani_male © Laurent Ziegler

20.02.2020 – 25.02.2020; Wien.
The performance and video installation ani_male brings the representations of masculinity and animalism into an intensive dialogue.

In their third collaboration the choreographer and dancer Georg Blaschke and the media artist Jan Machacek go into the “uncanny valley” between man and animal. The interdisciplinary performance ani_male fuses choreography, animation, video installation and sound.

Animated images with the real body and textures like skin, fur, leather and hair overlap. The result is a display of body alienation that raises questions of naturalness, functionality and cliché with regard to depictions of men and animals.

20.02. – 25.02.2020
studio brut
Zieglergasse 25
1070 Wien