“aspekteSALZBURG” / Salzburg

œsterreichisches ensemble fuer neue Musik © Andreas Hechenberger und Markus Sepperer

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25.03.2020 – 29.03.2020; Salzburg.
28 composers, 8 orchestras and 16 world premieres are presented by aspekteSalzburg, Festival for New Music.

No less than a “map of the music of our time”, the festival aspekteSALZBURG wants to trace the history of music in Salzburg again this year, presenting 8 orchestras and works by at least 28 composers as well as 16 world premieres in five days. The spectrum of the festival ranges in all areas from young creative artists such as the ensembles NAMES – New Art and Music Ensemble Salzburg and PHACE, to already established artists such as Johannes Maria Staud and Olga Neuwirth, to modern classics such as Pierre Boulez and György Ligeti.

Johannes Maria Staud is participating as composer in residence, of him six pieces will be performed. Staud has already completed commissions for the Vienna Philharmonic, the Cleveland Orchestra and the Vienna State Opera.

Olga Neuwirth’s setting to music of the silent film classic “Stadt ohne Juden” by Hans Karl Breslauer from 1924 will also be heard or seen.

The opening will feature, among other things, one such modern classic: György Ligeti’s “Ramifications” (1968/69). Festival performers are: NAMES New Arts and Music Ensemble Salzburg, Ensemble Resonanz, ARIADITA DUO, PHACE, C-Camerata Taipei, œnm . Austrian ensemble for new music, ensemble mosaic and Vivianne Cheng. Festival Talks with the participating artists complete the program.

25.03.2020 – 29.03.2020
Stiftung Mozarteum, Universität Mozarteum Solitär, Kleines Studio
5020 Salzburg