“Digital Spring 2020” / Salzburg

(c) Digital Spring Stephanie Müller/Klaus Erika Dietl

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18.03.2020 – 21.03.2020, Salzburg.
„Stand By“ Digital Spring Media Arts Festival
in Salzburg 

The Media Arts Festival Digital Spring in 2020 is all about “Stand By”. The motto not only refers to the stand-by mode of electronic devices, but also traces the stand-by mode especially in the socio-political field.

Over four days, 11 interdisciplinary works will be shown, all of which move between installation, performance, discourse, immersion and boredom. The festival focuses on users and their passive attention when using digital media. This passivity allows for a strong “stand by” connotation on the one hand, while on the other hand it confronts the complexity and speed of technological progress.

“Home after war” leads to Fallujah, a former IS stronghold, with the help of a room-filling virtual reality installation. “Boreout” by Antoni Rayzhekov plays with the EEG streams of the visitors. Stefanie Wuschitz discusses social and cultural stand-by modes and what it takes to get into editor mode. Finally, “Black Day” is a kind of battle royal that students of the NMS Lehen developed together with media artists Sonja Prlić, Karl Zechenter and media and culture educator Iwan Pasuchin. A four-week residency went to Stephanie Müller and Klaus Erich Dietl, “Rohbau mit Aussichten” (eng. shell construction with vistas) and “Glücksversprechen ist gleich Knast” (eng. a promise for happiness equals jail) present their results.

Digital Spring “Stand By” is a collaboration between ARGEkultur, subnet (Salzburg platform for media art and experimental technologies) and the Center for Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) at the University of Salzburg, the Salzburg Kunstverein and other partners.

Digital Spring „Stand By“
18.03. – 21.03.2020
Various locations
5020 Salzburg