“21 Visions for the 21st Century” / Auster, Graz

JULALENA: 21 Visionen für das 21. Jahrhundert © JULALENA

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06.03.2020 – 25.03.2020; Graz.
Vision of the architectural challenge for the 21st century.

The female performer duo JULALENA takes Yuval Noah Harari’s bestseller “21 Lessons for the 21st Century” as a source of inspiration for their performances in the cultural year 2020. In this non-fiction book, the Israeli historian attempts to illuminate the immediate future of human society and asks about the challenges and opportunities that exist for humanity in the here and now.

In March, July and November, 7 of the 21 visions will be presented in ten swimming pool performances each. The themes of urban planning, culture and science will be translated into artistic visions together with experts.

The first production takes the “The construction challenge” of the 21st century as its theme and will be performed at the Wellness Pool Oyster.

21 visions for the 21st century
Part 1: The construction challenge
06.03.2020 – 25.03.2020
AUSTER Sport- und Wellnessbad Eggenberg
Janzgasse 21
8020 Graz