“100% LINZ – 3D-Tour” / Nordico Stadtmuseum Linz

NORDICO Stadtmuseum Linz, Foto: Thomas Hackl

Kaleidoscope of a city. Experience the many facets of Linz in an interactive 3D-tour.

With the exhibition 100% Linz – Kaleidoscope of a City, the Nordico shows hidden treasures from its memory. The open narrative offers insights into the history of the city. A story that can also be experienced online in the 3D tour of the exhibition: The long-forgotten, the everyday, the extraordinary and the never before seen come together.

The exhibits on display come entirely from the Nordico’s collection and represent a time or an event connected with Linz. The show includes the treatment of the Nazi legacy, famous Linzers, cultural and historical rarities and pictorial documents.

Nordico Stadmuseum Linz