aktionstheater ensemble Dornbirn – Streaming against loneliness

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ABOUT:LIFE as central motif - Streaming against loneliness with the action theatre ensemble

Under the motto “Streaming against loneliness”, the Aktionstheater Ensemble offers a daily online stream from its programs and recordings of earlier productions.

From today’s point of view, the central motif on which the independent theatre group under the direction of Martin Gruber has based its work in recent years has been unintentionally ahead of this special time that we are now all living through together: ÜBER:LEBEN, the theatre as a life concept of “snapshots of life, which is formed from the set pieces of everyday life into an illustrated book of sensation”, writes Maximilian Traxl, the troupe’s philosophical advisor, as the starting point for his reflections on a fundamental location of the work of the aktionstheater ensemble, which he categorizes in principle as follows “Experiencing plays by the aktionstheater ensemble is always also a return to the oldest drama of mankind: Being oneself and at the same time being co-determined by others – an aporia of feeling. ”

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aktiontheater ensemble – Streamen against loneliness