Herbert Brandl “Exposed to Painting” / Belvedere 21 Wien

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01.06.2020 until 26.10.2020.

An exhibition at Belvedere 21 is dedicated to the work of Herbert Brandl. Brandl is one of the most successful contemporary Austrian painters. His large-format landscape paintings occupy a dominant place in the context of his oeuvre. Here he oscillates between abstraction and representationalism, which he interprets in different formats and techniques. Belvedere 21 presents works focusing on works from the past two decades, including works that the artist created especially for the exhibition.

Herbert Brandl
Exposed to Painting. Die letzten zwanzig Jahre.
01.06.2020 until 26.10.2020
Belvedere 21
Arsenalstraße 1
1030 Wien