Sissi Farassat, Erwin Polanc / Fotohof Salzburg

(c) Sissi Farassat, Contactsheet Pinup,

15.05. until 11.07.2020.

In a double presentation, the Fotohof shows new photographic works by Sissi Farassat and Erwin Polanc. Both are primarily concerned with design issues, and both artists share a high level of craftsmanship.

In his latest work “Mago Über Verritt” Erwin Polanc negotiates a special view of reality. In her latest group of works, “Contactprints”, Sissi Farassat deals with wide landscape depictions, botanical close-ups and the classical image of man.

The exhibition can also be visited virtually.

Sissi Farassat / Erwin Polanc
15.05. until 11.07.2020
Inge Morath Platz 3
5020 Salzburg