“Into the Night – Die Avantgarde im Nachtcafé / Unteres Belvedere Wien

Schlichter, Rudolf 1890–1955. “Damenkneipe” (Women’s Pub) c. 1925 Watercolour over ink on paper, 60 × 50.9cm. Private collection.

Reopening 15.05. until 01.06.2020

“Into the Night” is dedicated to cabarets, cafés and clubs and tells of the artistic nightlife in the period from the 1880s to the 1960s. The exhibition in the Lower Belvedere is dedicated to these alternative places in the 20th century as a meeting place of different cultures and social positions. These places became important hubs of the avant-garde and offered artists a platform for the creative exchange of ideas. Many of these places offered freedom from social constraints and political oppression. People could try out new positions away from the mainstream and found a stage here.

Into the Night – Die Avantgarde im Nachtcafé
Reopening 15.05. until 01.06.2020
Unteres Belvedere
Rennweg 6A
1030 Wien