“Sitzen 69, Revisited” / MAK Wien

Walter Pichler, Fauteuil Galaxy, Wien, 1966 Aluminium, genietet; Polsterung aus Schaumstoff mit rotem Textilbezug © MAK/Georg Mayer

Reopening 01.06.2020 until 23.08.2020.

In the exhibition “SITZEN 69 REVISITED”, the MAK juxtaposes colourful, trendy furniture and design icons such as Werner Panton’s Panton Chair (1967) or Walter Pichler’s Galaxy armchair (1966) with traditional, high-quality “carpenter’s chairs”. In 1969, the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts (now MAK) presented 69 dignified “carpenter’s chairs” from Scandinavia, Italy, Germany and Austria in the furniture exhibition Sitzen 69 REVISITED. However, seating, which is characteristic of the era today, was missing at that time. To mark the 50th anniversary of this exhibition, the MAK is taking up the theme again and comparing the armchairs made of wood and handmade by carpenters with playful and crazy furniture objects.

Sitzen 69, Revisited
Reopening 01.06.2020 until 23.08.2020
Stubenring 5
1010 Wien