Eva Grubinger “Malady of the Infinite” / Belvedere 21

(c) Eva Grubinger

Reopening 01.06. until 06.01.2021.

An exhibition at Belvedere 21 is dedicated to the work of Eva Grubinger. Basic drives are Grubinger’s theme: power, material greed or sexual desire. Grubinger examines their effects on society. To achieve this, she alienates and activates them by means of enlargement, material change, reduction or decontextualization. This creates an image of structural inequality, of infinite desire without any prospect of satisfaction for rich and poor.

Eva Grubinger
Malady of the Infinite
Reopening 01.06. until 06.01.2021
Belvedere 21
Arsenalstraße 1
1030 Wien