Ethnocineca Online Filmfestival / Online

(c) Ethnocineca, 2020 Online Filmfestival

07.05. until 14.05.2020.

This year the Ethnocineca Festival will take place online for a special reason: from 07 May to 14 May 8 films will be shown online for 8 days. The narratives range from political documentary and poetic-sensory approaches, to films about waiting and active action. The films capture times of political and ecological upheaval in which people are exposed to displacement and flight. It is always a concern of the festival to deal with social controversies – especially in times of uncertainty, Ethnocineca wants to bring the power and beauty of the cinematic narrative to the fore.

The programme of the Online Edition includes eight current documentaries, all of which are celebrating their Austrian premiere. The films can be accessed via the Vimeo platform between 07 May and 14 May 2020 for a fee. During the festival week there are dates for live video chats with the filmmakers.

Among the films shown is “A New Era” (2019) by Boris Svartzman, which tells of the fate of expropriation in China and shows the long struggle and resistance of the people there.

“Campo”, “Nimble Fingers” and “Solo” can only be streamed in Austria, all others can be streamed internationally.


Ethnocineca – Online Filmfestival