Ernst Koslitsch “We have to move the island” / Galerie Raum mit Licht

(c) Ernst Koslitsch / Raum mit Licht

13.05. – 03.07.2020

The artist Ernst Koslitsch exhibits in the gallery Raum mit Licht, his examination of reality. The artist first describes his previous workplace, his studio in the 18th district as an island. Koslitsch builds a complex, multi-layered world for the viewer with set pieces from films, pop culture and science fiction. Star Trek, Scientology, Lost – everything plays a role in the universe of Ernst Koslitsch.


Ernst Koslitsch „We have to move the island“
13.05. – 03.07.2020
Galerie Raum mit Licht
Kaiserstrasse 32
1070 Wien