Edith Tudor-Hart / Fotohof Archiv Salzburg

510056J 001

The Fotohof-Archive shows works of the British-Austrian photographer Edith Tudor-Hart. Due to the current situation, the works can only be seen online, but in a 360-degree online tour. Edith Tudor-Hart comes from a secularized Jewish family in Vienna and her first professional training was as a kindergarten teacher with a special interest in modern, enlightened pedagogy. Later she turned to photography and after studies at the “Graphische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt” in Vienna and at the “Bauhaus Dessau” she went into exile in London to work very successfully as a photographer. Edith Tudor-Hart visited several schools and boarding schools in the wider London area for a photography project, where she photographed students during sports activities, dance and movement exercises.

Edith Tudor-Hart
Online exhibition