Egon Hofmann / Nordico Stadtmuseum Linz

(c) Kletterer, Egon Hofmann, 1918

02.06. until 09.08.2020

An exhibition in the Nordico Stadtmuseum is dedicated to the painter Egon Hofmann. The painter, industrialist and cosmopolitan always drew his works with “Egon Hofmann-Linz” and was probably intended to illustrate his close relationship with his home town. Hofmann’s pictorial language takes up the latest trends of his time, such as those of Paul Cézanne or the artists “der Brücke”. He soon developed an unmistakable style in ductus, choice of colours and strict composition and achieved perfection in the reproduction of snow and ice. In addition to mountain painting, he created still lifes and travel impressions. His views of the Mühlviertel became another trademark after the Second World War. Egon Hofmann was significantly involved in the foundation of the artist association “Der Ring” as well as in the foundation of the “Künstlerbund März”, as whose board of directors he was active for many years.

Egon Hofmann-Linz
02.06. until 09.08.2020
Nordico Stadtmuseum
Dametzstraße 23
4020 Linz