Wiedereröffnung / Kabinetttheater Wien

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From 29.05.2020

The Wiener Kabinetttheater reopens its doors on 29.05. Small theatres (up to 100 visitors) are already allowed to open again and the Kabintettheater has prepared well for this evening, also in terms of content. On show will be “Letzte Lockerung – regierungsfreundliche Texte” by Walter Serner, Paul Scheerbart, Danii Charms and Erik Satie. The reading will be held by Wolfram Berger, music will be provided by Markus Kraler and Nikolai Tunkowitsch.

Das Wiener Kabinetttheater
From 29.05.2020
Porzellangasse 49 im Hof
1090 Wien