Cyborg Subjects / esc Medien Kunst Labor

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27.05. until 24.07.2020.

An exhibition at the ESC Medien Kunst Laboratory in Graz deals with the topic of Cyborg Subjects. Cyborgs are understood as cybernetic organisms, hybrids of machine and organism and as creatures of social reality as well as fiction (after Donna Haraway “A Cyborg Manifesto” 1985).

Digital, networked technologies have long been part of our daily lives. On the one hand, there are technologies that construct cyborgs by changing the structure of the body, on the other hand, there are technologies that are used in our environment, which significantly influence our thinking, behaviour and actions – making us into cyborgs. If, as Donna Haraway describes, technological processes, knowledge, but also the essence of the human being and other organisms are broken down into units of information, everything becomes codable, everything becomes calculable: Where, as Frieder Nake asks, is the right to be unpredictable as a human being?

On display are works by Andreas Zingerle, Linda Kronman, Mario Klingemann, Nayantara Ranganathan, Manuel Beltrán, Nayantara Ranganathan, Manuel Beltrán, Patrícia J. Reis and Alice Strete.

Cyborg Subjects
27.05. until 24.07.2020
esc Medien Kunst Labor
Bürgergasse 5
8020 Graz