“Kultur braucht Präsenz – Ein Liveprogramm“ / Literaturhaus Graz

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“Culture needs presence” This is the conclusion of the Literaturhaus Graz. The supposedly lonely art of writing cannot do without an audience, indeed it needs the reader in order to exist. Authors have earned a real audience and readers the physical presence of the writers, the Literaturhaus concludes.

The Literaturhaus Graz has compiled the following programme under the title “Emergency Programme”. In the coming weeks, readings of various kinds can be enjoyed again, albeit with limited seating.

The Corona diaries, on the other hand, are entering their final weeks, and writing will continue until the end of July, when it will end – but there is still a new chapter every Friday.

04.06.2020, 19.00h
Nava Ebrahimi reads from “My Neighbor’s Paradise”
Moderation Klaus Kastberger

09.06.2020, 19.00
Monika Helfer reads from “The Baggage”
Moderation Klaus Kastberger

16.06.2020, 19.00h
Marlene Streeruwitz reads from “This is how the world has become. The Covid 19 novel”
Moderation Daniela Strigl

23.06.2020, 19.00h
The Graz Group
Selected excerpts from the film by Markus Mörth and afterwards discussion, with: Barbara Frischmuth, Klaus Hoffer, Klaus Kastberger, Markus Mörth, Andreas Unterweger, Moderation: Wolfgang Straub

Literatur Haus
Karl-Franzens University Graz
Elisabethstrasse 30
8010 Graz