Marianne Lang „Vermessung der Leere“ / Stadtgalerie Lehen

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04.06. – 30.07.2020

In the Stadtgalerie Lehen, works by the artist Marianne Lang will be shown under the title “Vermessung der Leere” (Measuring the Emptiness).

Marianne Lang’s work focuses on the connections between micro- and macrocosm. In large-format chalk and pencil drawings she makes temporal entanglements and analogies of space and distance visible. Worlds collide when she lets civilising phenomena and personal observations of nature collide with each other.

Marianne Lang „Vermessung der Leere“
04.06. – 30.07.2020
Stadtgalerie Lehen
Inge-Morath-Platz 31
5020 Salzburg