Richard Neutra „Wohnhäuser in Kalifornien“ / Wien Museum

(c) Richard Neutra im Wien Museum 2020

13.02. – 20.09.2020.

Richard Neutra is the subject of an exhibition at the Wien Museum, which can be seen until 20.09.2020. On show are Neutra’s works, which became style-forming for Californian Modernism. Born in Vienna, Neutra set off for the USA in 1923 and was to become one of the most famous architects of his time. His residential buildings, flooded with light and wide open to the garden or landscape, became symbols of a new ideal of living – transparent and rational, in harmony with nature, tailored to the needs of the residents.

Richard Neutra „Wohnhäuser in Kalifornien“
13.02. – 20.09.2020.
Wien Museum
Karlsplatz 8
1040 Wien