Special Effects / Technisches Museum Wien

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extended until November 2020.

In the Technical Museum in Vienna you can visit an exhibition entitled “Special Effects” until the end of November 2020, where you can see everything about the topic “Special Effects”.

In the film industry there are no limits to the imagination: special effects have been used since the early days of cinema. Countless stories would not be possible without the use of special effects, because it is the special effects that enable us to show our fantasy on screen. In the exhibition we will take a look behind the scenes of a film from pre-production to the cinema auditorium. We will show a lot about the development and use of special effects, from the beginnings of cinema to the present day. A film studio of approx. 150m², built especially for this thematic focus, offers a studio setting for joint workshops for schools, adults, families and interested groups, where experiments can be carried out and the effects of effects discussed.

Special Effects
extended until November 2020
Technisches Museum
Mariahilferstr. 212
1140 Wien