Graz 2020: Humming Room / Graz

(c) Kulturjahr 2020: Humming Room

July until October 2020

The sound installation “Humming Room” is a walk-in spatial-dynamic construction based on the honeycomb form with six movable wall elements that form a common structure and are played by the sums of bees. The focus is on the exploration of perception. Depending on the configuration and design of the walls, the listening experience is subtly sensitized. A poetic-sensual contribution by Graz artist Elisabeth Harnik in collaboration with architect Milena Stavric and acoustician Jamilla Balint.

Humming Room
July until October 2020
Augarten, Grünfläche vor dem MUWA Museum der Wahrnehmung
Friedrichgasse 41
8010 Graz