29. Internationale Bühnenwerkstatt / Graz 2020

Carte Blanche_CieLaroque © Petra H. Hinterberger


From 11. to 17.07.2020 body / voice / dance will again be in the focus with workshops and performances. In addition to workshops and workshops you can visit performances of national and international dancers.

The Internationale Bühnenwerkstatt Graz was founded in 1992 as a dance theatre platform for future dancers, actors and actresses and sees itself as a year-round action forum with the aim of reflecting on new artistic content as well as communication methods in dance theatre.

This year’s guests include Tomas Danielis, Elias and Weng Teng Choi, Claudia Fürnholzer and Alberto Cissello, CieLarorque, James Wilton, Xianghui Zeng and others.

29. Internationale Bühnenwerkstatt
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