“Wem gehört das Bödele?” / Stadtmuseum Dornbirn

(c) "Wem gehört das Bödele?" / Stadtmuseum Dornbirn

02.07.2020 bis 31.01.2021

An exhibition in the Dornbirn town museum deals with the “Wem gehört das Bödele” and can be seen from 02.07. (originally 05.02.) to 31.01.2020.

The Bödele is a local recreation area in Dornbirn and belongs to the municipality of Schwarzenberg. Apart from that, contrasts seem to be formative in this area: manufactured holiday homes next to protected high moorland, luxury hotels and alpine farming, Giradelli slope and family ski area, to name but a few. Contradiction seems to be something typically Bödele-specific. The exhibition focuses on the socio-cultural developments and conditions of this area.

„Wem gehört das Bödele“
02.07.2020 bis 31.01.2021
Stadtmuseum Dornbirn
Rathausplatz 2
6850 Dornbirn