Sommerfrische Eröffnung mit Silke Brösskamp & Ivan Juarez / afo, Linz

(c) Eröffnung Sommerfrische, afo Linz


On 11.07.2020 the afo Linz opens the installation of the artist-in-residence artist Silke Brösskamp at the Linz Grünmarkt in Urfahr. Afterwards you can join a short bicycle tour that leads to the work of last year’s artist-in-residence artist Ivan Juarez. He has now completed his work “Insect City” in Posthofstraße.

Silke Brösskamp, this year’s afo artist-in-residence artist, chooses her media mostly freely and according to the respective projects. Often it is fragments and remnants of what has already been built that she reproduces, casts off, reinterprets or reinterprets by means of spatial installations. For her, architecture revolves around emotional themes such as home, beauty and identity.

Details on the course of the event and the meeting place can be found on the website.

Sommerfrische Eröffnung
11.07.2020, ab 11.00Uhr