Generalihofkonzerte / Murinsel Graz

(c) pKAw by W. Posekany

03.07. – 24.08.2020.

The good news first: the Generalihof Concerts are taking place. Only not in the Generalihof but in the Café on the Murinsel. On Mondays, from 20.00 o’clock you can enjoy the concerts on the island. A table reservation is also necessary, as the number of participants – Corona conditionally – is reduced.

The Programm:
13.07. Burkhard Frauenlob finally tuned
20.07. Gernot Kratzer PKAW
27.07. Karel Ericsson Sound pollution eclectic
03.08. Martin Schaberl New Quartet
10.08. Evelyn Berkecz Jazz meet soul
17.08. Axel Mayer 5 colors n’moments
24.08. Klemens Pliem Hollo Trio

Generalihofkonzerte at Murinsel
13.07. – 24.08.2020