Open Air Kino auf der Murinsel / Murinsel, Graz

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07.07. – 08.09.2020.

This summer open air cinema with free admission takes place every Tuesday and Wednesday on the Mur Island in Graz. Curated by OchoReSotto and the Rechbauerkino film centre, the festival will show classics and all time favourites from the Rechbauerkino programme.

Admission is free, but due to Corona regulations we kindly ask you to make an appointment by phone: +43 664 / 9961 4100, starting at 20h (in August), 21h in September.

Before the films there is a short introduction with anecdotes and background information. In good weather the amphitheatre is used, in bad weather the films are shown in the café.

August & September Programme: 

04.08. The Sound is Innocent (OmeU)
05.08. Die Eule und das Kätzchen (OmU)
11.08. Failed Revolution?!
12.08. Mel Brooks – Die verrückte Geschichte der Welt (OmU)
18.08. Space Dogs (OmU)
19.08. Easy Rider (OmU)
25.08. Be Known – Kahil El Zabar (OmU)
26.08. Mozart – Reich mir die Hand, mein Leben
08.09. Le Havre (OmU)

Open Air Kino auf der Murinsel
07.07. – 08.09.2020
Lendkai 19
8020 Graz