Harald Gmeiner „Rundund“ / Villa Claudia, Feldkirch

(c) Harald Gmeiner, Ohne Titel 2019

11.09. – 04.10.2020.

In the Villa Claudia in Feldkirch, an exhibition by Harald Gmeiner entitled “Rundund” will be on view from September. The exhibition is dedicated to the work of Harald Gmeiner, and around 40 years of artistic work can be viewed here. Large-format paintings, drawings and videos are on display, grouped in five themes, five colours and in five rooms. The artist’s works deal with ideas and interpretations as well as their expansion and/or refraction.

Harald Gmeiner „Rundund“
11.09. – 04.10.2020
Forum für aktuelle Kunst
Villa Claudia
Bahnhofstraße 6
6800 Feldkirch