Rimini Protokoll „Win > < Win“ / Schlossmuseum, Linz

(c) Agnese Sanvito

Reopening 08.12.2020 until 20.02.2021.

The Schlossmuseum Linz is showing an exhibition entitled “Win > < Win”, which deals with the subject of jellyfish. Jellyfish have been living on earth for more than 670 million years – and just about everything that harms our ecosystem favors their existence. Jellyfish numbers are constantly increasing, and biologists keep making the same prediction: if everything perishes, jellyfish will be the only survivors. This apocalyptic scenario is the focus of the exhibition, which was conceived by Rimini Protokoll aka Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi and Daniel Wetzel.

Rimini Protokoll Win > < Win
08.09.2020 – 20.02.2021
Schlossberg 1
4020 Linz