Animace / Animácia / Österreichisches Filmmuseum, Wien

Sen Noci Svatojanske (c) JiriTrnka

03.09. bis 22. 10. 2020.

For seven weeks, the Austrian Film Museum in Vienna will show the best of 100 years of animated Czech, Czechoslovak and Slovak film art. From Hermína Týrlová’s Aquarius in Love to Krtek the Little Mole to Karel Zeman’s Baron Münchhausen adaptation, there is a lot on offer. Jiří Trnka, “Walt Disney of the East” and Jan Švankmajer, “Godfather of Animation” have their own exhibition of works. A retrospective of a magnitude never before seen, the history of Czechoslovakian animated film will be told in a completely new way.

Animace / Animácia 
3.09. bis 22. 10. 2020
Österreichisches Filmmuseum
Augustinerstraße 1
1010 Wien