Young Sharks „Hidden in plain sight“ / Szene Salzburg

Young Sharks "Hidden in plain sight" © Jelena Jankovic

21. – 22.10.2020.

In the Salzburg Szene the dance event “Hidden in plain sight” with the dance ensemble Young Sharks takes place. The dance company Hungry Sharks is reworking the successful project Hidden in plain sight, which was created in 2016, with the Young Sharks dance company: Eight prospective talents have been cast for the re-enactment, they are to create space for interpretations along the lines of interpersonal encounters and social change by means of repetitive movement sequences. Strong dancing moments develop in the piece, which want to make the importance of impulses from our fellow human beings understandable and tangible for the audience

Young Sharks „Hidden in plain sight“
21. – 22.10.2020
Szene Salzburg
Anton-Neumayr-Platz 2
5020 Salzburg