Graz Museum Schlossberg / Graz


Opening 12. and 13.09.2020.

Graz has a new museum: on 12 and 13 September the Graz Museum Schlossberg will open its doors. In doing so, the museum wants to see itself as an accessible, family-friendly, inviting and ecological, contemporary museum.

The Graz Museum Schlossberg is aimed at both children and adults. A “museum for everyone” is meant seriously here, one is completely barrier-free, and there are additional offers for the visually impaired and blind. A place of “arriving” and deceleration is to be created here, a visitor centre so to speak – but also a museum with classic and surprising objects. The museum is open all year round and is partly designed as an open-air museum. Thematically, the Graz Museum Schlossberg focuses on the history of the Schlossberg and the interrelation between city and mountain. In four areas and different formats, the museum tells the story of the Schlossberg and its significance for Graz. In the adjoining “Wundergarten” you can explore the numerous mythical creatures that are at home on the Schlossberg and enjoy some fresh air.

The Schlossberg Museum was designed by the architectural office Studio WG3. Special emphasis is placed on the “View of Graz”, which focuses on the view from the mountain to the city. In the Cannon Hall, a “sight machine” will enable visitors to take a topographically and historically in-depth look at the city and its past. A comprehensive history trail with natural history and historical exhibits is on display in the Graz Museum Schlossberg: Geology, mineralogy, flora and fauna, representative everyday objects, models, paintings and graphics as well as photographs from the 16th to the 21st century. Archaeological finds are used to reconstruct the settlement and use of the Schlossberg from prehistory and early history through antiquity to the Middle Ages. The Schlossberg is literally full of history and the Museum Schlossberg carefully picks up every facet of it.


Graz Museum Schlossberg
Opening 12. and 13.09.2020
Am Schlossberg 
8010 Graz