Wer schafft die Arbeit ? / Kulturjahr 2020 Graz

(c) Kulturjahr 2020

Ab dem 01. Oktober 2020.

The project “Who creates the work” deals with the future of work in the broadest sense. The two designers Alexandra Fruhstorfer and Lisa Hofer take a closer look at the future prognoses of our working world: liberation or disorientation? What do people need when they no longer need it? When robots steal work …

Inventive workshops explore the areas of tension between technophile prophecies and pragmatic social policy. On 1 October 2020, the “Graz Office for the Future of Work” will open its doors for the first time – a playground for indulging in nostalgia and dreaming of utopias.

Wer schafft die Arbeit? 

Weitere Projekte:

„gut aufgelegt“ 
combines DJ subculture with feminist approaches and thus operates at the interface of integration, community – work and art. Dates in October and November.

„upcycling workshops“
The Graz work project “heidenspass” has been active in the field of upcycling for 13 years. Workshops pass on the knowledge about used material and its recycling. Dates from September to December.

„Grätzelspaziergang Vorgärten“
Front gardens are an important part of the townscape of the districts of Geidorf, St. Leonhard and Jakomini. The Grätzelinitiative Margaretenbad organises walks through Geidorf with different focuses, with the aim of jointly filling the next, familiar living environment with new perspectives. Date in October.