steirischer herbst 2020 / Graz

(c) Sergey Bratkov

24.09. – 18.10.2020.  

Only a few days left until the start of the festival: steirischer herbst is getting ready with an extensive program. The opening will be shown on 100 screens in downtown Graz on September 24. Thus, from several arbitrary stations, visitors will be able to watch the opening speech by artistic director Ektarina Degot. The Paranoia TV headquarters in Graz’s Herrengasse will also be open at that time.

The first work to be experienced is Janez Janša’s “The Finale”, a unique fusion of radio play and performance. Visitors will be taken by cab on a semi-nomadic journey. On a special radio frequency, two commentators will guide visitors through the final of the European Football Championship, which is planned for 2020 and then postponed to 2021 due to Corona. In Janša’s final match, Germany will meet Sweden, while Graz will fly past the cab windows in the evening. It’s all about ingenious moves, fan chants, insights into the abysses of the calculated soccer market, reflections on current world political events, and finally also about the utopian and emancipatory potential of the crisis. The artist Janez Janša will be a guest at the Artist Talk on September 25th at the Paranoia TV headquarters, where he will talk about soccer, art and politics.

Stories from pictures in nine episodes tells the work of Lina Majdalanie and Rabih Mroué. Their series Second Look tells of random things that one accumulates over the years and which only make sense in retrospect when viewed together. When we look again at her collection of photographs, different epochs come together and draw both the interpreters and the interpreted images into a contradictory maelstrom. The first episode of this work, produced especially for Paranoia TV, is available from September 24th.

There are also three new short films by Sergey Bratkov, who deals with the absurdity of the mass media. With dark humor and exaggerated irony, the Ukrainian-born artist deals with the current situation in Moscow. The three films Unfunny Jokes, Towels and Bottles are in Russian with German and English subtitles. The first one will go live on September 24, the other two will be released on October 1 and 8.