Festival für Weltmusik / Graz

(c) Alma, Dalia Spiegel

21. – 25.10.2020.  

A festival for world music will take place in Graz in October. The prelude will be made by the ensemble Alma, which has been awarded the German World Music Prize. Alma makes classical and folk music sound quite natural. Alongside country dances, polka, yodels and waltzes, composition and improvisation can be heard side by side. In addition to a wide variety of artists, the ensemble also performs in a wide variety of locations: Dom im Berg, Orpheum or the club die Brücke are on the program this year. The Herz-Jesu-Church and the Synagogue Graz will also be played. The visitors can expect a thoroughly colorful program.

Festival für Weltmusik
21. – 25.10.2020 
Various locations