Maja Vukoje „Auf Kante“ / Belvedere 21, Wien

Maja Vukoje (c) Michael Wörgötter Bildrecht Wien

Re-opening 08.12.2020. – 25.04.2021.

At Belvedere 21 in Vienna, the exhibition “On the Edge” by Maja Vukoje can be visited. In her painting, Maja Vukoje deals with cultural hybridity and transculturality as basic conditions of our globalized life worlds.

The Belvedere 21 presents the most comprehensive staff of the artist to date. About one hundred works from the last 15 years are shown, with a focus on the most recent production.

Maja Vukoje
„Auf Kante“
12.11.2020 – 25.04.2021
Belvedere 21
Arsensalstraße 1
1030 Wien