schreibART AUSTRIA 3

(c) Sektion für Internationale Kulturangelegenheiten des BMEIA

The new edition of the Literature Recommendation Program of Austrian International Cultural Affairs.

With diversity, language variety and a genre mix, the third edition of schreibART AUSTRIA reflects modern Austrian literary creation.

The 16 writers presented were selected by a jury and their texts deal with the phenomena of the globalized, digitalized world and the fragility of society in an imaginative and eloquent way. Among them are both shooting stars such as Marie Gamillscheg with her debut novel “Alles was glänzt” (All That Glitters) and already established writers, such as Reinhard Kaiser-Mühlecker, who have recently come to prominence with new texts and works. Prose and poetry meet experimental texts and for the first time even the genre “comics” is represented.

The selection of contemporary literature ranges from the Bachmann Prize winner Birgit Birnbacher with her new novel “Ich an meiner Seite” to the illustrator and graphic novelist Nicolas Mahler and works by Austrians by choice such as Radek Knapp, Barbi Markovic or Ivna Žic. In the form of reading samples, biographies as well as overviews of works and prizes, an insight into the current Austrian literary scene is provided.

In addition to the plurality of the topics dealt with, from postmodern reality (Paul Diviak) to recent contemporary history (Robert Prosser) and the deconstruction of idylls (Lydia Mischkulnig), there is also a delight in playing with language, for example with Teresa Präauer, who takes up impulses from poetry, rap, verbalization and puns, and Semier Insayif, who draws on the wealth of images from the Orient in his poetry and prose. Also featured in this issue: Harald Darer, Laura Freudenthaler, Margit Schreiner and Andrea Winkler.

The literature program of the Foreign Ministry’s Section for Cultural Relations Abroad is intended to provide an international springboard for the new generation of authors from Austria and establish them in the network of foreign culture.

schreibART 3
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