Elf neue Perspektiven auf 1945, Online Ausstellung / vorarlbergmuseum, Vorarlberg

(c) aus der Ausstellung "Elf neue Perspektiven auf 1945"

A web exhibition of the Haus der Geschichte Österreich together with the ten provincial museums in Austria and South Tyrol takes a look at the period after the end of the war: around the end of the Second World War, contrasts occurred simultaneously in the territory of present-day Austria. Eleven objects shed new light on the end of the war, the last days of Nazi terror and the birth of the Second Republic. The selected eleven objects can now be viewed in an online exhibition and more information about their background can be found. Among them is a swastika – cookie cutter as well as a Nazi law book, damaged by shrapnel.

Elf neue Perspektiven auf 1945 – Online Ausstellung